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Ashwin badri

Ashwin Badri

Chief Technology Officer | Blaer Motors

About Speaker

About the company: Blaer Motors Private Limited is a startup which was started as a part of the Final year project during UG by the founders. With Over 8+ years of domain expertise in developing control systems for XeV drivetrains solution ( both Hybrid Electric Drivetrains & Battery Electric Drivetrains) for 2W & 3W. Blaer Motors currently offers solutions of Smart Motor Controller Units, Vehicle Control units to major Automotive OEMS in India and is proud to announce that BLAER is currently developing the World’s first Hybrid Motorcycle. About Ashwin: Mr. Ashwin Badri is the CTO & founding partner and heads the Innovation & technology development in the organisation. He has been the pillar in keeping the company remain ahead of the competition through continuous product innovation and making Blaer a forerunner in promoting electric mobility in India. He has over 8 Patents and has enabled in creating around 10 products related to Control systems in Automobiles

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