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Fluttering towards the Future: Harnessing the Power of Flutter for Embedded Human Machine Interfaces

Talk Abstract

1. Challenges in HMI development for the digital cockpit.
2. Why Flutter for Embedded?
3. Uniqueness of flutter
1. Modern development experience
2. Testing and deployment frameworks
4. Automated pipeline for flutter applications
5. SIL and HIL for flutter for embedded
Primary Takeaways:
1. Giving them the ability to consider Flutter for HMI development in the digital cockpit.
2. Understand the benefits of flutter's streamlined and integrated development and testing experience on Embedded Targets.
3. Recognizing Flutter's potential and distinctiveness in creating infotainment systems. Secondary Takeaways:
1. How to reduce the time to market for these HMI using CI/CD for embedded.
2. Migrate from existing frameworks to Flutter for embedded targets.

Presented By


Harish Kumar Balaji

Consultant Developer | Thoughtworks