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Tutorial: EV Battery Management System 101

Talk Abstract

BMS Overview & Architecture
Need of BMS in Battery Pack
BMS Building Blocks & It’s Circuits
Rolls and Responsibilities of BMS
State of Charge Estimation (SOC)
State of Health (SOH)
State of Life (SOL)/Remaining Useful Life (RUL)
State of Power (SOP)
Depth of Discharge (DOD)
End of Life (EOL)
End of Discharge (EOD)
Thermal Management
Voltage Measurement
Current Measurement
Cell Monitoring and Cell Balancing
Charging and Discharging of Cells
Miscellaneous BMS Functions
In Depth Training on BMS Design
Cell Balancing Algorithms
Cell Balancing Applications
Passive Cell Balancing
Circuit Behind Passive Cell Balancing Technique
Active Cell Balancing
Circuit Behind Active Cell Balancing Technique
Safety Considerations for BMS
Specifications and Terminology associated with BMS
Connecting BMS with battery pack
Different BMS Configuration
Design and connect BMS with Custom Battery Pack
BMS Topologies - Centralized Topology
BMS Topologies - Modularized Topology
BMS Topologies - Distributed Topology
BMS Topologies - Decentralized Topology
High Voltage Battery Pack - Safety Concern
Hazard Classification of Batteries
Do's & Don'ts's with High Voltage Battery Pack
Fire Extinguish Methods
Thermal Runaway in Battery Pack

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Sourav Rakshites

Founder & Director |
Logiczap NextGen Technologi